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Best trekking places with a stunning view over Lago Maggiore

The following trekking spots around Lago Maggiore are absolute must-be places. Nice trekking paths with a breathtaking view overlooking the lake, a dream for those who adore nature and love hiking. The first 3 spots we recommend are just a few minutes driving from Villa Simba, so there is no excuse to miss the chance for a healthy walk! And if you travel with your dog, it would be a wonderful experience “dogether”, word of Simba.

Public boat in Lago Maggiore

Do you love the idea of cruising around the lake but you have a limited budget and time? if it’s so, then taking the public boat is the solution for you. The public boats are available both in Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta which means that you would still be able to see the most interesting spots around the lake on a low budget.

Private boating in Lago Maggiore

Do you love boating and wish to get the real experience of Lago Maggiore? Are you wondering if it is possible to be the captain of your own boat and cruising around the lake by yourself? The answer is yes! It’s possible to rent your own private boat. You can rent the private boat not only in Lago Maggiore to adore the three beautiful islands of Isole Borromee but you can also do it in Lago d’Orta and enjoy the charming Isola San Giulio. Are you ready for a new adventure?

Pallanza: top things to do

Pallanza has one of the finest lakefronts in Lago Maggiore. Don’t miss it and have a relaxing stroll with your furry friends along the beautiful promenade. During spring and summer, life is blooming: colorful facades, porticoes, flowered balconies, terraces and cafés, an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Orta San Giulio: the hidden gem you should discover

Orta San Giulio is the main and most beautiful town in Lago d’Orta, located on the west side of Lago Maggiore which can be reached in 25 minutes drive from Villa Simba. Both Lago d’Orta and Orta San Giulio are still not as popular as Lake Maggiore but we believe, this place is one of the best-hidden gems in the area. With such a lovely medieval and artsy center, it offers you some interesting spots either to walk, have lunch, dinner, or enjoy aperitivo.

Stresa: 3 things you must do

Stresa at a glance: this pretty and elegant place can be reached in 20 minutes driving from Villa Simba. It is dominated by 5 stars hotels with the classical Italian structure as a background scene along the promenade with a tiny lovely town center.