A glass of wine or a fresh cocktail?

Aperitivo is a must if you want to embrace the real Italian culture, and to get the unforgettable experience you need to know where the best spots to have aperitivo around Lago Maggiore are.

Aperitivo is a kind of pre-meal drink, specifically to whet your appetite before your real dinner. Normally you can have a glass of wine, cocktail, or beer and accompanied by some light bites like focaccia, some chips, olives many others.

There are tons of places that offer aperitivo around Lago Maggiore, but these places are very special and you should check them out!

Marconi Beach in Arona

Marconi Beach is definitely a place with the best view for Aperitivo around Lago Maggiore. Situated on the deck of the lake and facing the beautiful Rocca di Angera makes it a perfect place to adore the red skies and watch the sun goes down.

If you are lucky, you will get the “pole position” at the front deck to get the best view while having your favorite glass of wine or cocktail and accompanied by your beloved dog.

A perfect scene to celebrate the end of the day around the stunning Lago Maggiore!

Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 65, 28041 Arona NO Tel: 0322 040109

Hotel San Rocco in Orta San Giulio

Fancy to have a romantic aperitivo with your loved one by the lake? Then having aperitivo by the deck at Hotel San Rocco could be the best choice.

To get the best experience to enjoy the magical moment and obtain the best table, it is suggested to make a reservation.

If you plan to visit the lake by renting your own boat, you can make your “red carpet entrance” exactly by the deck of the hotel. A perfect scene to impress your loved one.

Address: Via Gippini, 11, 28016 Orta San Giulio NO   Phone: 334 978 0164

Estremadura in Pallanza

If you ask me what’s the best thing in Pallanza apart from the promenade, then my answer is Estremadura.

It is the best bar in the area where you should go if you love cocktail especially gin where they have a long drinking list and not only cocktails but also wines and beers.

It is definitely the best place for aperitivo or even after dinner and normally this place is a lot busier after dinner.

The last thing why this place is great is because they are super pet friendly and very kind to all the customers.

Address:Via P. Troubetzkoy, 142, 28925 Suna VB Tel 0323 504282

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