The sunset catchers’ must-be places

Sunset is definitely the most magical moment of the day where you can appreciate by strolling around or having your as aperitivo by the lake after such a busy day.

Imagine witnessing the second when the sun is touching the lake and having a sip of Barolo or a glass of Negroni cocktail after a stroll along the promenade… A perfect way to end your day and start the night.

So, if you are wondering where are the best sunset spots in Lago Maggiore to celebrate the best moment of the day,  then let us share with you our favorite places!

Orta San Giulio

It’s definitely one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset near Lago Maggiore. A romantic sunset walk along the promenade is what you get when you are in the enchanting Lago d’Orta, where the little picturesque town Orta San Giulio is located.

With its beautiful lakefront facing Isola San Giulio and the wonderful surrounding nature along the promenade, it’s such a perfect way to end the day or wait for the aperitivo time.

Along with the “stonelike” narrow promenade, there are the old wooden decks to create an impeccable moment and “scenic” view for a perfect “selfie” picture to post on your Instagram.

And to conclude the moment, get a glass of wine at your favorite aperitivo place in Orta where you can check them out here.


A lovely long promenade in Arona is a perfect place to stroll around and enjoy the sunset in Lago Maggiore, moreover, it’s full of places where you can have aperitivo and hangout at night.

At the end of your walk, have a glass of wine at the old port square or at the lakefront facing Rocca di Angera, the castle, and landmark of Angera. You can click here if you need more information about where to go around Arona.

Are you traveling with your dog? There is no need to worry because this long walk is also a perfect place for your dog as it has a green area where you can have a walk and play with them.


Pallanza is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in Lago Maggiore to adore the sunset moment with its finest lakefront and promenade.

Having your fresh cocktail or your glass of bubbles outside, watching the sun goes down and a jazzy summer tune as a background is a perfect way to celebrate the end of your day in Lago Maggiore.

Although it doesn’t offer as much as Arona in terms of bars, restaurants, or places to hang out, what they have to offer are pretty valid. They even have one of the best bars in the Lago Maggiore area and we keep it as our secret place.

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