Pallanza at a glance

Pallanza has one of the finest lakefronts in Lago Maggiore. Don’t miss it and have a relaxing stroll with your furry friends along the beautiful promenade.

During the spring and summer, life is blooming: colorful facades, porticoes, flowered balconies, terraces and cafés, an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

It is a place in Lago Maggiore where you can find historic villas and their beautiful gardens.

Walking in Pallanza

With its absolutely stunning 4,5 km long promenade, walking in Pallanza is a must-do in Lago Maggiore.

You can start the walk from the parking area in front of a bar called Estremadura and the endpoint is at Villa Taranto.

Everything in Pallanza is so neat, tidy, and clean that it makes it so enjoyable to stroll around.

Without any doubt, sunset is the best magical moment to go to Pallanza. Hug your dog, get a glass of wine, and snap a selfie.

Boating in Pallanza

Pallanza is giving you the chance to experience the lake by boat.

There are many destinations you can reach from Pallanza such as Stresa, Intra, Laveno, including Isole Borromee.

You can rent your private boat at the pet-friendly boat rental based in Verbania (very close to Pallanza) or you can take the public boat from the city port which is located in front of the main square along the promenade.

For more information about public boats click here and if you want to know more about renting a private boat in Lago Maggiore just check this out.

Running in Pallanza

Do you need to get fit or do you travel with your active dog who always needs to move? Well, Pallanza is a perfect place for running with its 4.5km long promenade.

The starting point is the parking area in front of a bar called Estremadura and the endpoint is Villa Taranto.

If you need more ideas on the best spots to run, just click here for more information.

Eating & drinking in Pallanza


If you ask me what’s the best thing in Pallanza apart from the promenade, then my answer is Estremadura.

It is the bar where you should go if you love cocktails, especially gin, as they have a long drinking list, not only cocktails but also wines and beers.

It is definitely the best place for aperitivo in Pallanza and also after dinner when the place is a lot busier.

Estremadura is a great bar for good drinks, pet friendly, original, good value for money and staff is always very kind to all customers. Give it a shot!

Address:Via P. Troubetzkoy, 142, 28925 Suna VB Tel 0323 504282

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