Stresa at a glance

This pretty and elegant place can be reached in 20 minutes driving from Villa Simba.

Stresa is dominated by beautiful big hotels with the classical Italian structure as a background scene along the promenade with a tiny lovely town center.

The best part of Stresa is the promenade which is overlooking the charming Borromeo Island and a cable car where you can use to go up to Mottarone mountain.

Walking in Stresa

Strolling around Stresa is kind of relaxing and easy, once you get to the panoramic view overlooking the charming Borromeo Island you can slowly move around the city center.

As it is a tiny city center, you will be able to visit everything around one hour.

Visiting Isole Borromee

This is an absolute thing to do if you are in Stresa.

Isole Borromee consists of three little islands which are Isola Bella, Isola Madre, and Isola Pescatori.

Isola Bella is an enchanting island where you will get to see the beautiful English garden, while Isola Madre is the biggest island that has a botanical garden and the Borromeo Palace.

And the last one is Isola dei Pescatori, a medieval village, the smallest and the only inhabited island among the three.

To get to the three charming islands you will need to go by boat (what Italians call traghetto) and Stresa is the best point to get there.

You can find out about public boats in Lago Maggiore here or check this out if you are considering to rent your own boat.

Going up to Mottarone Mountain

Fancy to adore the breathtaking view of the lakes from one of the highest points in Lago Maggiore and enjoy the beautiful nature? If you are, then you should go up to Mottarone!

Stresa is the best place to start as there is a cable car that takes you up, so you can comfortably enjoy the ride and get amused by the stunning view. And if you travel with your dog, please make sure to bring the muzzle during the ride.

You can check the detailed schedule of the cable car here.

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