5 good reasons to stay at Villa Simba

Nature, adventure, or culture? One of the most important things to consider during your holiday is location, location, and location. Villa Simba is located in Nebbiuno, a little village on a hill overlooking the lake. It’s within easy reach of many interesting spots, whether you are interested in nature, adventure, culture, or culinary experiences in Lago Maggiore. There is a stunning view of the lake from your bedroom window; a wonderful way to start your day when you wake up!

1. The best location for those who love walking through nature

As it is just 2 minutes away by car from Poggio Radioso, which is the starting point for numerous beautiful trekking paths with stunning views, makes staying at Villa Simba the best choice for those who love nature walks. To discover more about the best trekking spots around Villa Simba, just click here.

2. A strategic and convenient location to discover the best attractions

Staying at Villa Simba gives you the chance to get to many different destinations in a day without much effort. The villa boasts an enviable central location with many attractions located within 30 minutes drive:

3. An ideal location for joggers and sunset seekers

With its proximity to nature and some ideal spots to run or just take a walk, makes Villa Simba an ideal place both for those who like an active holiday or those who just want to enjoy a relaxing moment. Find out more if you like the idea of running or if you like the idea of strolling around to enjoy the sunset in Lago Maggiore.

4. A great location for a new water adventure

Being so close to Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta, staying at Villa Simba gives you the chance for boating.

Lago d’Orta would be perfect if you have limited time, while Lago Maggiore would be great if you have more time to spend.

To discover more about private boating,  just click here.

5. A friendly location if you travel with your dog

Villa Simba is so close to nature and surrounded by a green area that makes it a perfect place to stay if you are traveling with your dog. You won’t have to leave your furry friends at home during your holiday time in Lago Maggiore.  Discover more about our 100% petfriendly policy.

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