the team of villa simba

Get To Know Your Hosts at Villa Simba

We are Simba, Josephin, Oscar and Max. We are the “wolfpack” who will host and welcome you with our open paw and a bit of bark at Villa Simba!

simba - villa simba


The Boss

I am the noisy one in the house and I can be tough sometimes. However, I have learned from my brother to be more social, and that not all humans are bad. As the boss, I am the one who makes sure everyone is doing their job My welcome signature is my bark … don’t worry I don’t bite!

josephin - villa simba


The Dogmother

I am an Indonesian who lives in Italy. I am a vegan who loves to cook, travel, and enjoy a sip of good wine. At Villa Simba, I am the one who makes sure that you will have a good time and help you with whatever information you need during your stay.

oscar - villa simba


The Concierge

I am the big brother of Simba, the one who has to set a good example.  I am not as noisy as she is; I love to socialize with the human but I am jealous of other dogs. I am the one who makes sure that the four-legged guests will get their homemade treats from the house!

max - villa simba


The Dogfather

Pets and the web are my passions along with travel. Sharing my life with my furry kids in the last 10 years has changed my vision. I have become more responsible toward nature and I have become a vegan disciple. I am the one who makes sure that all guests are fine and everything is under control.

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